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Telly Brown is an Atlanta based freelance photographer. He now adds "published-award winning photographer" to his litany of achievements, but you'll never hear him brag about that. 

His love for photography started WAY before the days of camera phones.  If you're 'aged' enough to know about the great 'insta-matic & disposable cameras', those were his favorites!  The joy he felt of capturing candid moments continues to his style of photography today.

Anyone that's had any type of session with Telly knows he LOVES to have fun.  "Staged" photos are great, but there is absolutely no replacement for the candids and the random moments.  

If you ask him, he'll tell you, "I love the stories behind the photos! This means everything from the family that hasn't had family photos in 10 years (myself included until a few years ago, so don't feel bad), to the couple renewing their vows after 40 years of Marriage!  Every story is unique." 

His style of photography is more photojournalist.  There is a story behind each image.  If you turn from one image to the next, you'll feel the story behind each image. 

Let's connect so that your story can be told.... 

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